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About My Blog

Updated: Jan 21

Welcome to my blog. This is the area of my website where I post my ponderings. Sometimes ideas and reflections come through me in straightforward ways. Other times they come to me in story form that is rooted in fantasy--often with a moral, message, or metaphor meant to be thought-provoking.

I love to write, and I frequently use it as a way to process life's greatest questions and challenges. I find that when I'm immersed in the creative process, I'm happier and better equipped to handle whatever obstacles come my way.

My intention is that the writing touches you in some way. I hope that it inspires you or simply makes you think. Sometimes it may push boundaries or invite you to see things from a new perspective. Whatever feelings are aroused, I encourage you to pay attention to what comes up. I find that being provoked is the universe's way of inviting us to evolve.

If you are ready to take a deep dive into your own psyche, I would be honored to be part of your journey. Request a free, no obligation consultation at

Let me guide you in creating your best life, unlocking the potential within, and living authentically!

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